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Welcome To 24 Derby

A team of dedicated wellness coaches purpose driven to get people the results they want…would be what we’d say if were a corporate entity. We’re not, so what we say is we’re regular people getting regular people extraordinary results. We don’t give you “Sins” or “points” or “red green or bloody blue days” -we help you swap “bad for better” and get you into a sustainable lifestyle routine. We do our very best to keep in all the things you love to eat and drink! Repeat after me “OMG I can have Avocado!” and…wait for it… “I can have alcohol!?” …Listen I’m Ex Army – there’s no way I’m taking that off you, especially if I have it myself! Of course medicinal use only.

Well of course we can’t do this for free, even though we would if we could. Like you we have bills to feed and mouths to pay. We’re a membership club and each visit is a max of £5. You buy in blocks of 10 or 30. The more you buy the cheaper it is. You can buy products from us to make your body result easier and we go through all of this on your first free visit. You have a full non invasive body scan when you come (just stepping on some clever sexy scanners) and it’ll tell you some info you may not know.  If you decide you want to join the club then we’ll also do your measurements (nothing technical just a tape measure) and you’ll do your “before” pictures just for you -we don’t need to see these. This helps you to have multiple reference points as our goal is to also teach you -it’s not about the weight. It’s about body composition and you feeling great about it. 
In a nutshell we’re here to help whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance. You may just want a positive environment to have a healthy breakfast in! Some of our members even come just to socialise and get from behind a phone screen – yes like the 90’s! 
If the “Slimming Worlds and Weight Watchers” of the world are working for you then – great! Do what works for you. If you’re not getting results and want to make lasting change without playing YoYo then please come and have a chat. Some of our members say they love the fact they don’t have to queue up, stand in a line to get weighed then be made to feel in adequate for “poor results” – we love that they don’t too.
Our members also love we know their names; where they live; their kids names; where they went on holiday; their partners names; their jobs; what they did at the weekend; their pets names…. I think you get the picture.

MEET Matt – I’m a professional health and “weight” loss coach, an Ex Army Physical Training Instructor, Adidas athlete and complete foodie who wants to help you address your energy levels, weight issues and poor health quickly and easily. I transform busy mums, stressed out Dads, career-focused professionals into healthy, self-confident dominators. I specialise in a fast “no faff” approach and regularly hear “I just want to be told –do that, do that, do that!” Best bit –you don’t even have to exercise (I have a hack for that), but I would highly advise it.

MY STORY – After leaving the Army in 2006, I continued to work within health and fitness, taking various trainer roles within the David Lloyd Leisure Group, before being headhunted by Adidas to work as a Global Fitness Ambassador for their Fitness Academy.

LET’S TALK – Message me here, email matt@mattelliott.biz or call me to discuss your health requirements on tel: 07971 923248.

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Your body IS your priority! Ask yourself how many people rely on me to be performing at my best? What happens if you are off sick? 7/10 trips to the Doctor are lifestyle related. Are you regularly skipping breakfast? Grabbing lunch on the go? Always exhausted? Then it’s most likely linked to your nutrition (or lack of). I help my clients with easy, healthy options that don’t take time out of your day and mean that you can get through your working week knowing that you are still going to achieve your health goals.

Having a military background, most people I help are drawn to my honest “Simon Cowell” approach to getting results –AKA brutal honesty –followed by a “cuddle”. Getting the results you want whether that be more physical energy or weight loss relies on integrity and communication between client and coach.