• 11 Town Street, Duffield, DE56 4EH
  • Mon-Fri: 7:30am to 11am - Sat: 9am to 11am

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24Derby 24Duffield…What’s the difference??

Essentially nothing. We opened 24Derby in May 2018 on Friar Gate in Derby city centre. We out grew this site so the guys I opened with launched a new location Simply Nutrition down the road in the Mackworth area.

We’d opened a second site in Duffield on Town Street which used to be the Natwest bank. This now has us in it and Bradmans wine bar next door -yes convenient!

So I moved over to Duffield to help grow that Nutrition Club. There’s a high probability I’ll open another 24Derby so decided to continue to operate under that banner to keep the brand going.

There you are, in a nutshell 24 Duffield is a Nutrition Club which I work out of and comes under my umbrella. 24Derby is just my virtual location within that physical place.

Why do coaches get results?

Why do coaches (not just wellness) get results? Coaches encourage and inspire you. They want you to succeed and perform at your best. They know that the effort is more important than the outcome, and that the desire to do well comes from within. Mastering a new skill is a process and we know that you’re going to make mistakes along the way – which is not only okay, it’s expected. Most importantly, a coach works with you – as a partner who shares your successes and helps you work through the times when you’re struggling. My clients have, as a result of the above, opened up and shared their struggles with me, which has given me a good understanding of what they’re going through – which, I believe, puts me in a reasonably good position to help.